The Mourne Partnership Testimonials…Testimonial

Please read what people have said about The Mourne Partership :

“Having completed my NLP Practitioner training with Mourne NLP in July, I must say, what a fantastic time I had. I met a group of wonderful, like minded people, many of which I will stay in touch with for life. I met fabulous trainers, who were not only knowledgeable in the field of NLP, but in every aspect of life where NLP can be utilised. The trainers were friendly, respectful and approachable. They put us at ease and made us part of their team.

The great thing about this course is that it is jam packed with information and techniques that are both demonstrated and practiced by everyone, in beautiful surroundings. The learning is intense and very rewarding. Many evenings we went way past the finishing times because we wanted to do more practice or go over specific areas in more detail. I have never been on course that would accommodate that before or since.

The course itself was extremely good value for money. The pre-course material was excellent and included CD’s, a pre-loaded MP3 Player and leather bound work book. I still refer to this material now.

Anyone interested in NLP should look at Mourne NLP. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you are a therapist, a teacher, a nurse, a parent, a manager or looking for a course to help you get to know yourself, then do this. In fact, there is no limit on anyone in any capacity that wouldn’t find this course useful in their every day lives. If I were to have any regrets, it would be that I didn’t do this years ago. I would be happy to speak to anyone interested in attending a Mourne course”.

Breda Overton

“The guys at Mourne were exceptional coaches; attuned to the individual needs of all and bringing energy and insight into every session of an extremely beneficial NLP Practitioner course.”

Maria Spooner
Scottish & Newcastle

“What an excellent training course! I did my NLP Practitioner training with Mourne and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do the same.

The training was very professional and well structured making learning easy and most of all fun! The study pack I received before attending was of very high quality and contained all the information I needed to study so I could get the most out of the classroom training. Much of the classroom training was practical use of NLP which really helped me grasp the subject and enabled me to practise in a real environment; this gave me so much more confidence when going out into the real world as a qualified practitioner.

I have learnt so many valuable techniques that I now use in my own life and in helping others. This was by far the best training course I have ever attended and highly recommend Mourne if you are thinking about entering the exciting world of NLP.”

Martin Chinery

“My expectations of learning, absorbing and using NLP techniques were heightened on day one of Mourne’s training course.The Mourne team gave so much of themselves to ensure that my individual learning needs were met. I cannot praise Quantum highly enough.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert , Good Value”

Katherine Wiid

“I had been suffering from a sports anxiety state in golf called the yips (an ‘uncontrollable’ twitch of the muscles whilst putting). I had tried every method I could to get rid of it over the last two years as it was really starting to take the enjoyment out of the game let alone squander my chance in the professional ranks. Mourne, to be honest, would have been the last place I’d looked to cure me. But I thought I had nothing to lose. I spent 20 minutes with David working on a technique, and when it came to testing it out on the golf course, I am shocked to say, there really was an instant result! I was putting like my old confident, bordering on cocky, self again!!”

Andy Wool
Golf Professional

“I came to Mourne as I couldn’t stop eating a certain food and was told they could help! I approached Jonathan at Mourne and he was extremely helpful and advised me to come and have a chat. After lots of questions and various techniques I can now say I have not eaten cheese since. Mourne are extremely professional, warm and honest people who are passionate about people and assisting them with any phobias or fears they have. I am now going on a course to gain more understanding of NLP! What a brilliant team”

Rachel Carter

“I came to see Mourne because I had a condition that meant I could not drive on dual carriageways or motorways without having such bad panic attacks that I had to go on the hard shoulder. This was so debilitating, I had to plan every journey using single carriageway roads. Jonathan identified the cause as being related to a couple of car crashes I had been involved in several years in the past. He took me through a few procedures and after only a very short period of time, he told me to go out in the car and drive on my own on the dual carriageway.

I could not believe it. All the anxiety was gone, and I actually drove past the first slip lane back off the A1 without even realizing I had passed it.

Because of this radical change, I now run my own business, which I have to drive several miles up a dual carriageway to get to. I will always be grateful to Jonathan and QNLP to be able to remove such a horrible limitation on my freedom”

Carol Plummer

“I was having real problems with a new thoroughbred gelding I had recently purchased, which seemed to be spooked all the time I was riding it. I met Jonathan from Mourne who spent no more than twenty minutes going through an NLP process. I immediately felt completely different in attitude towards my horse, and not only looked forward to riding him for the first time since I bought him, but began to build a strong bond with him. I now feel that my horse and I are developing a partnership and trust each other, which is essential for riding safely and competently.

I cannot thank them enough for the help they gave me, and the process was so simple.”

Anna Inman

“Thanks once again for this and the two days. I thought it was very professional, engaging and highly relevant. Thanks for your input into making Tues/Wednesday one of the most satisfying training experiences I have ever had. The team all say they got as much out of it as I did.”

Nick Gilbert
Business Development Director, PepsiCo UK & Ireland

“I was filling in your feedback form in a hurry on Friday afternoon and I put 5’s (Excellent) as ‘nothing is perfect’. Well I’ve changed my mind; it was as perfect as anything gets this side of the great divide, and seeing as I’m atheist, that’s pretty damn perfect! So please award yourself a big fat 6’s.”

Lesley Cooper
PPP Healthcare

“I would have paid for this course out of my own pocket, that is how valuable it has been”

Gordon Wallace
Project Manager, IBM WSD Professional Services UK

“We started to work with David Wedderkop of The Mourne Partnership on a specific skill training: They provided high quality Facilitation Skills training for our consultants across Europe. The workshop feedback forms and verbal endorsements we received from our people consistently showed an outstanding quality of delivery skills, training design and understanding of our business. As we continued to work on these training’s, our cooperation has extended. David Wedderkop and the Mourne team became a partner that showed thought leadership and flexibility, being able to work on a worldwide level. Right now we have a close working relationship on developing our consultants to gain the skills and confidence to address the actual situations they encounter and be successful in the areas of facilitation, discovery and high level consulting. We view Mourne as a part of our own people development team and we look forward to continuing this long-term partnership”

Magda de Jong
HP Global People Development Manager for Solution Consulting

“Many thanks for your assistance in developing and delivering the recent training solution. I believe that this has moved the interpersonal skills of our professional services personnel towards where it needs to be. This training has become a cornerstone of our plans for the ongoing development of our staff. The feedback has been very positive and the word has gone out to the community. The consultants are looking forward to the next tranche of training you provide.”

Mike Bernard
Global Professional Services Director, Misys

“The Mourne Partnership has assisted us in designing and delivering change management services for two of our key client accounts. They were instrumental in the success of a programme that was delivered to 1000 managers across a client organisation. They continue to advise us on change as well as providing coaching to our coaches.”

John McEachen
Gain Business Consulting

“Having attended the Client Focused Engagement Skills course this week, that Mourne ran for both HP and our Partners, I thought it appropriate to let you know that everyone on the course enjoyed it and found it of great value. The Mourne team were excellent in their all round delivery and facilitation of the course materials and I have personally found the past 3 days the most challenging and enjoyable course for some time”

Simon Burt
Pre Sales Quality Manager, Hewlett Packard