Matt Peacock

Matt Peacock

Matt Peacock | Web Expert, SEO Specialist & NLP Practitioner

Web Expert & NLP Practitioner

Matt Peacock is an experienced web designer, search engine optimisation specialist and NLP Practitioner. It is this combination that allows him to express his creative web development in a way that enhances the experience for his clients and ultimately the end user. Having an insight into the most effective ways to communicate has enabled Matt to produce visually stunning websites that appeal to the widest ranges of people.

Matt’s passions are for well designed websites that are semantically correct and for making changes in peoples life’s through better ways of thinking or better ways of working. Matt was first exposed to the benefits of psychology through his golf career that took him as far as being county champion in 2002. His burning question was always how negative self-talk could have such a debilitating effect on a golfers performance. Indeed this formed Matt’s dissertation topic whilst obtaining his degree in Psychology from Northampton University and is what led him on the path to discovering better ways of thinking and ultimately onto becoming an NLP practitioner.

Matt has an extensive knowledge of business intelligence and analysis and has worked for companies such as Accenture and Thomas Cook. He currently spends his time split between his day job as a senior analyst at Howdens Joinery and his wide range of web design clients. Matt is also the web designer and development partner for Mourne:

“It’s been a real privilege developing a site for clients that are as passionate about helping people as Mourne. I believe that we have provided the leading NLP website on the web and this gives me great satisfaction”