Jonathan Gilbert

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer


Jonathan was born in Cornwall, and now lives in a quaint village just outside Grantham with his wife and three children.

His working life started in the Air Force, where he took the opportunity to experience every sport and course possible that the forces offered.  He then secured a sales role with Bosch where he was exposed to some very forward thinking (out of the box) training and development. He also virtually doubed his area turnover in the first year.  He then moved into IT and this proved to be his ideal proving ground for many years; winning multi-million pound deals, gaining recognition for his efforts and enjoying managing teams of people.

His relentless thirst for knowledge opened the door for him to be invited to 10 Downing Street to advise on mobile emerging technologies, doing TV interviews, running training courses, and presenting to thousands of people.  He has been involved in several business start-ups of his own, and has worked with Angels and VC organisations helping to secure the necessary funding for various technology companies.  As a passionate believer in the world being a fragile system, he has spent the last three years as a renewables consultant working on the biggest solar farm in the country along with several smaller, but equally impressive renewable projects, yet still insists on finding the time to keep up his true passion, as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer, in this capacity he spends his time working with individuals and teams in Corporate and SME organisations to train their sales teams, their management, and HR departments on how to be the best or if you prefer…the difference that makes the difference….

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