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David Wedderkop

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer


David has been a trainer in one form or another for nearly 30 years. He designs and delivers development solutions for major organisations and is also lead consultant and trainer for Mourne.  He first became aware of NLP whilst studying for his degree in Psychology. He began his NLP development when, in 1998, HP asked him to head up the global delivery of a consulting training, specifically designed around core NLP skills. Whilst David has used NLP extensively in the corporate world, he has benefited from it massively on a personal level. Due to this, he is passionate about sharing his personal experience and knowledge of NLP to both individuals and groups of new and developing NLP explorers. Read more…

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Mourne: NLP - David WedderkopMourne: NLP - David Wedderkop
Mourne: NLP - David Wedderkop  Mourne: NLP - David WedderkopMourne: NLP - David Wedderkop

Jonathan Gilbert

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer


Jonathan was born in Cornwall, and now lives in a quaint village just outside Grantham with his wife and three children.

His working life started in the Air Force, where he took the opportunity to experience every sport and course possible that the forces offered.  He then secured a sales role with Bosch where he was exposed to some very forward thinking (outside the box) training and development. He also virtually doubed his area turnover in the first year.  He then moved into IT and this proved to be his ideal proving ground for many years; winning multi-million pound deals, gaining recognition for his efforts and enjoying managing teams of people. Read more…

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Mourne: NLP - Jonathan GilbertMourne: NLP - Jonathan Gilbert

Matt Peacock

NLP Practitioner and Web Master

Matt Peacock | Web Expert, SEO Specialist & NLP Practitioner

Matt Peacock is an experienced web designer, search engine optimisation specialist and NLP Practitioner. It is this combination that allows him to express his creative web development in a way that enhances the experience for his clients and ultimately the end user. Having an insight into the most effective ways to communicate has enabled Matt to produce visually stunning websites that appeal to the widest ranges of people. Read more…