Robert Dilts Neuro-Logical Levels Alignment

Neuro-Logical Level AlignmentBrainLevel

This is a Robert Dilts exercise that is focused on delivering a Neurological experience of a future state in which that the individual has all resources they require and every aspect of the path is in alignment. It utilises spatial anchors as well as calling upon mentors that can be drawn from the explorers personal contacts, or, if needed, from history, fiction and even mythology.

1. Identify a situation in the near future, in which you want to be excellent. In this situation, what is your role? You are an excellent…

2. From a neutral spot, choose where you want to place the six Logical Levels.

3. Environment – Move to the Environment space. As an Excellent… in this environment, describe clearly what you see, what the sounds are, what it feels like internally and externally.

4. Behaviour – Once you have identified the significant features of the Environment, move backwards the Behaviour space.

Facing the Environment position, as an Excellent… what specific things are you doing or saying? What are you looking for in particular?
Is there anything you would like to be doing better? Now think of someone who is particularly good at doing that thing. It can be anyone, real or fictional, alive or from the past. If she or he was here, would they be standing or sitting? Where would they be?
• From that spot. Ask this mentor – what advice would you like to give (explorers name), coming from your own excellence?
• Return to your Behaviour spot and hear the advice being given to you. Acknowledge the presence of your mentor, knowing he or she is there to be called upon at any time.

5. Capability – When you are ready, move backwards to your Credibility space. As an Excellent… what are the specific skills and capabilities you are using that enable you to do what you do?

Are there any more skills you would like to have? Identify a mentor as before. And go through the stages used in 4.

6. Beliefs – When you are ready, move backwards to your Beliefs space. As an Excellent… what values are important to you? What do you believe to be true?

Are there any beliefs that you don’t currently hold which would serve you well? Who do you know who holds these beliefs strongly? Identify a mentor as before and go through the stages as in 4.

7. Identity – When you are ready move backwards to your Identity space. As an Excellent… who are you? What kind of excellent… are you? What metaphor or image best sums this up?
Who is there that can support this Identity? Identify a mentor as before and carry out the steps as per 4.

8. Purpose/Spirituality – Now move backwards to your Spirituality space. Who else are you serving as you are an excellent…? What are you now aware of?

Describe what you sense, in terms of what you are seeing. Step further into this space and be aware of all the space around you, what are you hearing – or perhaps there is silence, and allow your body, your arms, to describe the space your vision takes up. Become aware of this moment, so that you can remember it and can call it to mind at any time. Anchor this state.

9. Taking your Spirituality experience, step back into the Identity space and experience both at the same time. Notice the differences, without describing them out loud.

10. Take you experience of both your Spirituality and your Identity, and bring them into your Belief space. Notice the differences, again, without describing them aloud.

11. Bring your Spirituality, Identity and Beliefs into your Capability space. Notice the differences without sharing them.

12. Bring your Spirituality, Identity, Beliefs and Capabilities into your Behaviour space. Notice the differences without describing them aloud.

13. Bring all the levels into your Environment space and experience how it is transformed. Notice how you are feeling. Locate the places in your body that hold your feelings of excellence. Notice the differences to the sounds in this environment. Notice the differences in the images and colours, the clarity of your vision and your sense of space.


• Remember these sensations and know that you can bring them back at that point when you are about to become and Excellent… in the situation you anticipate.

• Remember that you are sourced from your Spiritual space.