Meta Anchor

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The Meta Anchor Technique enables the guide to assist an explorer when they have a situation that requires a resource that has a number of component parts. Whilst this can be carried out by classic ‘Chaining Anchors’, the additional aspects of movement and spatial positioning increase the effects and benefits.

The technique requires the guide to demonstrate a number of skills gained throughout the practitioner training. These include:

Rapport Skills
Sensory Acuity
Milton Model Language Skills
Anchoring Skills

The Process

Meta Anchor process map

1. Build rapport with your explorer.

2. Clarify Outcome – What is the resource? – Identify Two/Three/Four/n components/descriptors within the required resource and prioritise them.

3. Check Ecology – in all situations?

4. Ask the explorer to identify a neutral space/storehouse.

5. Ask the explorer to pick a space that represents a situation where the resource was needed. Step into this space and calibrate the situation that requires the resource – Score from 1 – 10.

6. Ask the explorer to step back to the neutral space and break state.

7. Ask the explorer to turn away from the unresourceful situation and place each sub resource in a line starting with the highest priority sub resource.

8. Walking a line Anchor each sub resource for the explorer.

9. When the explorer has reached the final sub resource, turn round and walk back through each anchored space, gathering and building each resource as you go.

10. The neutral space has now become the storehouse, gather the amalgamated resources together and ask the explorer to step into the unresourceful space, taking their resources with them.

11. Check the calibration – what is the 1 -10 score now?

12. Future pace – identify a situation in the future that will require the resource. How do they feel about this now they have everything at their disposal?