My Voice Will Go with You: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erikson

My Voice Will Go with You: Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erikson

ISBN-10: 0393301354
ISBN-13: 978-0393301359

For me this is one of those classic books that are a must read for those interested in the history of NLP. Milton Erikson was one of the original exemplars that, once modeled, became the foundation of the field we know as NLP. This book is a great introduction to Erickson and the foundations of the Milton model language of NLP. It provides a series of Miltons stories which demonstrate his skill in the use of metaphor, narrative and artfully vague language patterns.

Essentially this is a book of anecdotes, with the author, a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, providing explanation of the methods and techniques being he has used. Each of the stories used are in the form of case studies, relating to Miltons clients over time. Milton worked with all forms of problem states by using a combination of technique and the text provides valuable insights into his process.

It is a book that will engage many, from those who are just interested in the art of story telling (powerful in its own right), those embarking on their own NLP journey, and those who are involved in formal communication for whatever reason. So, whilst there is much to learn from Milton in the application of technique in NLP I found that reading this book improved my communication and my ability to use storytelling as part of my communication toolset.

After reading this book I was enthused enough to go on to train in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy as well as obtaining footage and tapes of the man himself. Enough said!