Change Management Seminar…


What does the ongoing financial situation mean to your business?

Having to lose people? What about those who are staying?

This seminar will provide practical advice, guidance and strategies that will help both those who may be leaving your organisation and as importantly those who are staying to grow your business.

Every organisation goes through changes. Change seems to be increasing at a pace that we have not experienced to date. We only have to look at the current global financial upheaval and its effect on all aspects of our lives, to understand the speed at which change can occur. Talk of agile organisations, able to quickly adapt to a fast-changing business landscape, tend to limit recognition of the effect that change has on the core component of any company – its people.

The frequent impact of organisational change is highlighted, on what seems to be a daily basis, in the press – workforce reduction, reduction in headcount, reduction in force; euphemisms for redundancy.

There are two main areas to consider in the current climate of uncertainty – the effect on people who loose their jobs and the effect on those who don’t.

When introducing either themselves or others, many people sight what they do for a living as a means of saying something about them – “oh, you know John, he works in project management”. For many, their role is intrinsically linked to how they see themselves – their identity. Whilst many organisations invest in the resettlement of their
outplaced staff, the benefit of a revised CV, interview coaching and career advice can be mitigated by the individual not being in the best state of mind to fully utilise the services being offered. Mourne work on the basis that individuals have all of the resources they need to succeed in future roles; that by tapping into these resources they can become the prime candidate in job interviews and win new roles in new organisations.

For those who remain, the organisation needs to equip its staff with the means of understanding change, its impact at a personal level, and dealing with it. Developing strategies that maintain business continuity and momentum in times of change can do this. Enabling retained staff to understand and accept change, incorporate company’s new direction into their belief system and see the benefits rather than focus on the costs. Mourne have worked with organisations ranging from not-for-profit and education to global corporations doing just this. Using key change models and processes, combined with NLP and interactive workshops, we enable clients to enhance the way all aspects of their business rise to the challenge of change.

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’

Charles Darwin

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