Why do I want to explore NLP?

Everyone has a reason for doing whatever he or she does and the answer to this question is very personal and specific to you. However, when you have your answers, you will be better prepared to select the best NLP Course provider for you. Normally the reason why someone embarks on the NLP path is found in one or more of four main drivers.

1. Personal Development

2. Add skills to your therapeutic/coaching career

3. Add skills to your educational/teaching career

4. Develop your interpersonal skills for business

Most people start for more than just one reason, however, once you have identified your personal reasons, you are better equipped to select who is the most appropriate provider for you.

Personal Development

If you are going to attend the NLP training for your own personal evolution then it’s important to make sure the trainer has had several years as an NLP Practitioner/NLP Master Practitioner before they were certified as a trainer. This will ensure that they will have more experience to assist you toward your transformation.

Add Skills to Your Therapeutic Career:

As above, you will be looking for someone who has experience in dealing with one-to-one interventions so that they are well placed to answer all of your questions about what to do when something (as it can do) does not go as well as expected.

Add Skills to Your Teaching Career:

If you are a teacher or professional in training and development, and you want to use NLP to enhance your skills from the front of the room, then the one-to-one experience of your trainer may not be as important. What will matter is that they have mastered the skills of using NLP as a facilitator of learning.

Develop Effective Skills for Business:

There is probably no sales training course that is more effective than an NLP Practitioner Training. So, if this is your focus you need to look for the following in your trainer. Do they have sales experience? Have they sold anything other than NLP training programmes? Do they offer specialised training programmes for Business NLP? Have they done any corporate training? This question about corporate training is important. If you want to learn from your trainer how to sell more effectively to business, and they have no experience conducting NLP training in businesses, then they may not necessarily be the best trainer for you. Find a trainer who has been successful in the corporate world, and knows how to market themselves to companies.

Ideally, a trainer will possess equal capability and knowledge in all of these areas. The reason is simple. We have had people on our courses that came to develop as business people, only to find that they wanted to evolve personally.

The converse has been true. People have come for personal development and then, as they went through the sessions, they became aware of the applicability in their career. Ideally, your trainer needs to be one who can easily shift from a business mentality to a one-to-one modality, and an educational modality at will. The best NLP trainers make these shifts as an integral part of their style – it enables them to work with all of the needs within a group.

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