NLP training spread out over a period of time

The first style is of NLP Course learning is spread out over a period of time. This can be one evening a week for anything from six months to one year, or one weekend a month for six months or more. This type of programme will ensure that you learn the information at a pace where you are certain to understand it, and it should ensure a degree of rigour in your learning because of the duration. There are, however, three potential drawbacks with this style.

Drawback 1: The course drawn out and some people may not finish because of the duration.

Drawback 2: Some find that it can be difficult to attend every single session. This means you may end up with gaps in your knowledge and filling them can increase the length of the programme.

Drawback 3: With every gap in development there is a requirement to spend a portion of new sessions going back over material covered at the previous training.

Also, because of the gaps between learning, you may not be as aware of the personal shifts that take place on an NLP course. This does not mean they won’t happen, it just means that your level of conscious integration may not be as high.

The second style of learning is commonly referred to as the accelerated learning programme

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