NLP accelerated learning programme

The second style of learning is commonly referred to as the accelerated learning programme or ‘immersion technology’. This is where you take somewhere between one week to twenty-one days (dependant on the philosophy of your provider) to immerse yourself in NLP. On a seven day variant you will tend to be required to put some time in before by reading study materials and listening to CD’s. With longer durations, this material tends to be disclosed as you go. Like the previous style this method also has some advantages and as well as some drawbacks.

The advantage is that you will tend to learn the information more effectively as you are immersed in NLP continually over the period. The drawback is you may not walk away with as high level of comprehension as on the extended courses. However, this does not seem to be a factor in long-term success in the application of NLP, as long as practitioners immediately start to use the knowledge they have gained. If this is the case then, in a very short time, you can expect your comprehension to increase.

To facilitate increased comprehension, it is important to find an NLP provider that has a support programme, one that will answer questions and discuss situations and events after the course. It is advisable to ensure that, before you enrol, you ask the NLP provider about the type of followup support they offer. Do they charge for it? Is there a limit to what type of support you receive? These are all important questions.

You can also ask for the contact details of people who have attended the programme so that you can get in touch and ask them about the follow-up support they have received. When you do this, ask the person if they have needed the support of the NLP provider after the course. If they have, ask them how the provider responded. If they got a response, who responded? Was it one of the training team? What kind of response was it? How effective was it? Did they feel that the provider spent enough time with them?

An additional aspect of the accelerated format is that you may have to take time off from work in order to attend. While it can be inconvenient it is usually worth the investment.

So which one is best? Which will work for you, the longer-term style or immersion? The choice is entirely yours to make although usually your lifestyle will influence the your selection. The answers to the following four questions will tend to provide a solution.

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