Consultative Engagement Skills

consulting5Consulting is no longer the sole domain of those with Consultant on their business card. Clients are looking for more from their suppliers. They value those companies that offer more than the traditional engagement method, those who can add real value to their business – now and in the future. The consultative approach is as applicable internally as it is externally and provides valuable tools for the management of teams.

Based on models gathered from successful client facing individuals and organisations, this workshop is developed around a set of tools for working with people. The workshop takes a current and future approach, with the tools and skills focused on fully understanding the clients current situation as well as their desired future and so enabling a clear view of the business benefit of any solution as seen by the client. The workshop enables consultants and sales people to work with the client to build a compelling vision of how a solution will improve business performance: a future that is so compelling they are motivated to invest their time & energy in achieving it.

Key Benefits

  • The event provides participants with a clear understanding of the value and role of client sponsors. How to target sponsors and escalate within the client account
  • It enables individuals to avoid ‘The Assumptions Trap’ and so build sound working foundations for success
  • It provides simple but profound models for engagement and relationship development
  • It enhances communication skills, specifically the ability to capture all relevant information and influence situational conversation
  • The event is focused on empowering your people to be the best they can be