Mourne Business NLP Practitioner Course

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is now being used by executive boards, management, consulting organisations and sales forces as the interpersonal tool set of choice. It Facilitates effective communication, focused results, enhanced performance and builds relationships.

The Mourne NLP Business Practitioner course is an intensive, interactive and personally rewarding programme, which concentrates on NLP tools and techniques relevant in today’s competitive business environment. It has been specifically designed to equip you with the ability to develop yourself, influence and help others, whether they be colleagues, direct reports or clients.




To ensure a current content and a sharp business edge, we work with major companies and our trainers are also members of these organisations.

The complete package…

The NLP Business Practitioner Course will cover the following topics:


Impactful Communication

Business is all about communication. Have you noticed how some people just seem to communicate effortlessly – naturally getting their point across quickly and succinctly? You will learn the true power of language, and gain mastery of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Goal Setting & Achievement

We may all have heard of SMART objectives or variations on the theme; we will all have also been in situations where, SMART as they are, objectives have not been met. Standard objective or outcome setting will tend to focus on the execution of an agreed strategy. However, the world does not stand still. What is true in business today is not always true tomorrow. We look at goal setting in such a way as to ensure that the chosen path is well thought out, tested, has contingency built in and is ecological – we explore and understand the possible impact of our actions. The process ensures that individuals buy into their goals and own them. Graduates from our Business Practitioner Programme learn to apply the Mourne way of establishing outcomes to both personal and business situations – enabling informed decisions and better outcomes.

People Motivation

People are your greatest and probably most expensive resource and yet only few managers know how to continuously motivate and thus maximise their people’s effectiveness. Through out the course you will learn new techniques and tools which you can use to great effect with both yourself and others.

Change Management

In an ever growing highly dynamic and challenging business environment, leading people through change has become one of 21st century’s killer-applications in personal development. NLP skills are being chosen as the key tool for a significant number of senior managers to deliver the change required. Once you have completed both modules of the Business Practitioner course, you too will have these valuable skills to make a difference for your people and yourself.

Conflict Resolution

Tension and conflict in the work place; these have been considered a difficult or even a taboo area for managers to intervene. Many of them often prefer to push the issue on to their HR department. With your new skills you will feel empowered to help others and resolve problems decisively and sensitively with incredible results.

Influencing People

The ability to influence others, whether you are selling, managing personnel or interacting with colleagues, has long been seen as a rare gift that you are born with. QNLP will teach you the secrets of deep level rapport and high level influence, these combined with practice, will enable you to join this elite group of people.

Understanding Patterns

Would you want to know your clients buying patterns? Whether yes really does mean yes, or if the person you are speaking to truly believes what they are saying? Your eyes always tell the truth. We will show you how to understand, influence and act on the information provided by eye patterns.

Through-out your time on the Mourne Business Practitioner programme you will also cover the key areas of Leadership, Confidence and dealing with common Business Phobias such as cold calling or presenting to large audiences. If you would like to discuss any particular part of the programme then please call and speak to one of our consultants or qualified trainers.

Some of our clients comments…

“I was always considered to be a good people manager & communicator but the Mourne Business Practitioner course has enabled me to advance to a whole new level. If you’re in business and interact with people then this is a must”

“The Mourne team has become a partner that showed leadership and flexibility, being able to work on a worldwide level. We view Mourne as a part of our own people development team and we look forward to continuing this long term partnership”

“I and several of my Financial Consultants went on the Business Practitioner course; it was incredible! I very quickly saw, heard, and felt the positive difference in my organisation. I wholly recommend any business to invest in their people and send them to Mourne”


The course lasts eight full days. If you wish to be a certified NLP Business Practitioner you will need to invest time in studying the Mourne NLP workbook and audio recordings. Certification would allow you to develop your NLP skills further by attending Master Practitioner or even Trainers Training.

Why Mourne NLP…

Mourne has worked in a coaching capacity for individual business people, as well as making organisational interventions. Our existing client base encompasses not-for-profit, educational, health and corporate organisations. We use NLP in the way we engage with our clients as well as developing NLP skills within their companies. We focus on the individual and consequently always provide the level of support to meet your outcomes.

When you are interested in learning how to do any of the above then please contact us for more information.