Business NLP Examples

Business NLP Courses

» NLP Business NLP Diploma

» Change Management Seminar

» NLP in Leadership and Management 1 – Foundation Skills

This two day module develops the concept of situational leadership and individual motivation to enable participants to develop a team social charter or contract. This ensures team members are offered the appropriate level of support that matches their level of competence. This will also enable the participant to recognise individual capability and contract with individual team members to ensure appropriate task allocation, monitoring and feedback. We will use the 1 minute manager (Situational Leadership) to reflect on the differing needs of the participant’s real team members.

» NLP in Leadership and Management 2 – Strategic Direction and Inspiring the Team

This two day module looks at vision – what does it mean to have a vision and how is it developed. It will look at ‘chunk size’ – strategic and tactical thinking and uses Posners Leadership Challenge as means of defining an individual leadership strategy. This will enable participants to develop their own strategic direction that includes, engages and motivates others. This is used to ensure that the team and it is members are pulling in the ideal direction, creating a highly tuned system that all members feel part of.

» NLP Negotiation Skills

This two day course will reflect on a skill that is used every day – negotiation. It will break this down into two aspects – Bargaining; the less formal aspect and Negotiation or formal contracting. Both have a clear process and defined best practices that, once understood, make these activities easier for all involved. The parties involved in these interactions can include peers and managers as well as internal customers and external suppliers. It will enable participants to set clear outcomes and be able to measure success against them. It also covers the dynamics of negotiation and builds on earlier models to define personal strategy.

» Business Facilitation

In today’s highly competitive environment it is more imperative than ever to make sure every meeting we have is highly effective in the shortest amount of time as possible, while also making sure the your point of view is easily understood. During this course you will learn a number of skills that will give exactly this ability combined with greater influence and considerably reducing business costs.

» NLP Advanced Sales

Through out this three day master class module you will learn and practice invaluable techniques that will enable you to identify your clients or prospective clients buying patterns. Through understanding of how to read and decipher their eye accessing queues you will be able to know whether you are going to win that major contract, using advanced language skills you will be able to influence your outcome and even embed commands. These high level skills are designed to work either as powerful stand alone techniques or with any of the popular selling systems such SPIN, TAS, Power Build etc. You will be amazed!

» Influential Communication Skills

This course provides tools for communicating at different levels within the organisation. Whilst not a presentation skills workshop, it will give valuable insight into setting your personal state to ensure success, matching your communication to the needs of your audience, interpreting body language and using this to check for rapport. It will also cover understanding, testing and setting boundaries and effective listening skills to enhance communication.