Business Performance Coaching

This programme focuses on developing the skills, attitudes and understanding required to coachingcoach effectively at all levels in an organisation. It introduces skills and practical processes in an experiential and interactive style, enabling attendees to learn from their own experiences and those of their colleagues. It centres around two core models – the coaching model which provides a ‘map’ for coaching, and a behaviour profile which helps enhance communication between coach and coachee, increase self-awareness and develop flexibility.

The programme follows and demonstrates our C.O.A.C.H. model through all its stages, beginning with pre-event ‘contracting’ and ‘connecting’, and concluding with additional ‘Help’ through a review and follow-up day. It focuses on developing skills, so it includes many opportunities for skills practice with both peer and tutor feedback. To maximise the learning opportunities, this programme is limited to 18 attendees to ensure a high degree of interactivity.



Many roles are focused on bringing value to client organisations. The skills contained within this event are applicable to all who have either achieved ‘Trusted Advisor’ status or those who see this as an integral part of their role and are moving towards this status. The event provides models for understanding the foundation of sound relationships, the components that enable open communication and facilitate a supplier/client coaching relationship.


Organisations strive to be learning environments, retaining and sharing the great depth of knowledge that is inherent in the company and therefore reducing the need to re-invent skills and processes. The event provides individuals tasked with knowledge transfer and development of colleagues a framework to facilitate this process, therefore enabling them to fast-track development. The skills contained are applicable to one-to-one coaching, as well as team development and management/leadership situations.


We use coaching skills in virtually every aspect of our lives, Business, Social and Personal. This event will enable individuals to analyse their own preferred styles, raise awareness of the impact of those styles and provide additional options based on situation. It will also provide models that will increase individual effectiveness in the art of communication, questioning, listening and the establishment of firm, agreed, verbal contacts as a basis for setting expectations and defining outcomes.