The Mourne Partnership and Corus

Enhancing Performance by Understanding Excellence

The Corus Team Leader Performance Model

The Story….

  • Phase One – Facilitated meeting with managers was conducted to define key attributes required in future Team Leaders

  • Phase Two – Interviews were conducted with 11 exemplars April/May 2008

  • Phase Three – With this work completed, Mourne constructed a working model

  • Phase Four – Takes the content of the working model to inform the content of the bespoke development programme, created to enhance the performance of the Team Leaders.

  • Phase Four Plus – Roll-out of the designed modules to Corus Corby (CF/CDT/S&C) – to gain maximum benefit we initiated the programme in 2008 with a ‘Big Bang’ deployment

Modelling Output

Using the customised Mourne Performance Modelling framework, the interviews focused on seven specific components, identified, by management, in a facilitated workshop. Whilst it was accepted that current Team Leaders may not have the full compliment of desired traits, the model was defined based on the vision for ‘Ideal’ Team Leader capabilities.

Of the 11 exemplars interviewed there were consistent examples of the identified attributes. However, whilst many displayed awareness and usage of them, the interviews confirmed the view that Team Leadership required development, specifically in enhancing the ideal traits. Using the working model, we were able to detect and differentiate those on the list who were more rounded exemplars from those who were interviewees, either moving towards exemplar status, or requiring development to enable movement in that direction. This acts as a field test for the developing model.

We firmly believe that the differences between exemplars and others are both trainable and can be coached. The ability to differentiate is also transferable and will be useful in recruitment, both internally and externally.

During the development phase, management coaches will be provided with a look-up table that will reference specific aspects of the model and enable the coach to discuss the most appropriate model component to work on with those they coach.

All of the aspects covered in this document formed the development program for Team Leaders. Those who have been interviewed will have a better understanding of what makes them effective and how to improve that effectiveness. Those who have not been interviewed will benefit form the traits identified in the exemplars and understand their own areas of strength and improvement.