Business Case Studies…

What is it that makes one person excellent in their role? What is it that makes a role model that others look to emulate? In short – what is:

‘The difference that makes the difference’?

The Mourne Partnership applies modelling excellence at the core of all we do. This is done by either, applying robust models developed over time from our experience in working with successful individuals in major corporations, or by modelling excellence within a client organisation.

Using modelling techniques, we uncover the difference that identifies your top performers to provide your organisation with the means to enhance specific aspects of your business. We model the exemplars within your organisation, uncover ‘The Difference that makes the Difference’ and provide a way to transfer their skills and attributes to others. The net result of this process is organisational improvement – gaining more from your most valuable resource, your people.

The Key Benefits of this approach:

  • It enables exemplars to fully understand what makes them successful; enabling them to become even more successful.
  • It enables transference of the attributes and skills of your exemplars to ensure increased performance across your entire team.
  • It enables targeted training and development rather than the traditional ‘generic’ training events.
  • It enables targeted coaching at the behavioural level enabling others to take on successful attributes.
  • It enables organisations to be more effective in their recruiting process, ensuring they get the right people first time.

The Mourne Partership approach is applicable to every business where results are important. We have deployed our modelling expertise successfully in the retail sales environment enabling a well-known high street brand to increase sales and customer satisfaction by transferring the skills of their best people to the whole client facing sales team. We have modelled successful women in business to uncover what it is that makes them the success they are and we have modelled excellence in the fields of consulting, negotiation, sales, leadership and presentation/facilitation to enable us to define some of our core offerings.

Here are some examples of the application of the process.