Turtles All The Way Down: Prerequisites to personal genius by Judith DeLozier and John Grinder

ISBN-10: 1555520227
ISBN-13: 978-1555520229

This is was one of those books that requires the reader to dedicate a bit of time and focus to it. Having met Judy on one of the weekends held at the Northern School of NLP I was prepared to make that investment. The writing style helped me stay on track in that, although it is written in the form of a transcript, the content is engaging, clever and amusing.

The book has been around for some time; it came out in 1987, and is focused on “New Code” NLP.  The core of New Code at that time, and the focus of this book, is on the use of perceptual positions, on trusting your unconscious (an area where science now seems to be catching up with NLP in the value associated with that particular resource), on focusing your attention and on observing and working with patterns and how to interrupt them.

If you can’t get to see Judith de Lozier or John Grinder in the flesh then reading this book could be said to be the next best thing as it is a transcript of a one of their workshops. I would also say that, having first read the book as a budding Master Prac and having seen Judy in action, I feel that I got the most from it because I had an understanding of NLP. For me this is not a ‘first touch’ book on the subject.

The ideas in the book departed quite strongly from the original process focused NLP framework of the 1970’s and the book still may challenge preconceptions of ‘what is NLP’. If for no other reason this is a good reason to read the book – it provides a fresh perspective, even though it was first published more than twenty years ago. It’s genuinely thought provoking, and easily worth the investment.