NLP (and other subjects) book reviews

We have chosen to review some of these books for a few reasons. Firstly, many people will tend to review the ‘classic’ NLP books and we thought this might be different, in that we will focus on the classics as well as new examples of NLP literature, and some books that are not specifically NLP, but are on the periphery or support NLP in their text. Secondly, Sensory Acuity, is a skill that the NLP practitioner needs to enable their practice of the art and science of NLP, and thirdly, I have been reading more and more into the role of the unconscious in things we think we are consciously doing: decision making and communicating being just two examples.

We have reviewed the following books so far, with a view to adding to this as we move through the year. The postings will be on this page, with links to a more detailed version of the review. Our map is not the territory, so, whilst our views are valid they are not gospel. If you like the review and accept the thoughts – great! If you have an alternative perspective – great! The world is as we experience  it. You can add your comments or discussion points on the blog page.