About Mourne…

The Mourne Parnership is a leading training and development mountaintop1company that has delivered highly successful solutions worldwide. The Mourne philosophy is based on enhancing individual performance both for professional and personal development. We achieve this through the two components of the organisation.
Mourne Business provides its clients with development solutions that are based on sound psychological and developmental principles. The focus of these solutions is on improving people performance in the work environment – enabling people to be be better at what they do. We provide world-class consultancy services focused on enhancing the effectiveness of client organisations through the development of their people, processes and practices. We have an extensive experience in delivering consultancy, coaching, facilitation services and training and development to all levels within client organisations, across cultures and geographies.

Mourne Personal offers personal development via its NLP based courses. We provide the best NLP experience at competitive prices. Our courses are structured to be of interest to you whether you have booked it for personal development, business applications or developing your education and training skills. Your highly experienced trainers are able to relate each subject covered to real world applications in all areas.

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